Leading developer of eco-friendly future technology

Eco-friendly future technology

The company leads Green Technology

Since its foundation in 2008, EGTRONICS has focused on communication power supplies and its technologies are not only
acknowledged in Korea but also in the global market.

Based on the cumulated technologies and expertise, the company wants to grow further to use more economical and efficient green energy to contribute to the prosperous future.

EGTRONICS considers all current and even future needs during our development activities. As a green energy leader, we will not only go ahead one step further but also look back to the road we have walked on.

EGTRONICS connecting the future

Business Areas

  • 01

    EV Power
    Transfer Device

  • 02

    Rectifier and PSU
    for Mobile Station

  • 03

    monitoring devices.

  • 04

    Railroad car power

  • 05


  • 06

    New renewable
    energy business

  • EV Power Transfer Device
    DC-DC Converter
    Driving Inverter
    Auxiliary Inverter
    Generator controller
    On-Board Charger
  • Rectifier and PSU for Mobile Station
    5G Rectifier : 1.2~3.0kW
    Multi Voltage Output PSU for Optical Repeater
    5G In-door Rectifier for small cell
    Intelligent DC Power Distribution Unit
  • Environmental monitoring devices
    Communication environmental monitoring devices
    Hi-Pass environmental monitoring devices
  • Railroad car power converters
    Light-train non-contact charger
    Magnetic levitation inverter
  • Military industry
    Driving Inverter for Multi-axle Unmanned Vehicle
    Commercial class generator controllers
    Multi-axle vehicle power converter
    Tactical vehicle power generation unit
    Special-mission vehicle compound power generation unit
  • New renewable energy business
    50kW 720Vdc to 360Vdc Converter
    30kW Rectifier for Ballast Water Treatment
    DC Electrical Distribution System